Art and Culture

The City of Whitehorse is characterised by tree-lined residential streets; an abundance of parks, gardens and natural bushland reserves; bustling shopping centres, sports and leisure facilities, and a diverse range of arts and cultural attractions.

Other Arts and Cultural Attractions within Whitehorse

Whitehorse Centre

The Whitehorse Centre, the municipality's premier arts and cultural centre, attracts thousands of theatre lovers each year. The Whitehorse Professional Theatre and Music Season showcases some of the best professional theatre from around the country.
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WHC Theatre

Schwerkolt Cottage and Museum Complex

Schwerkolt Cottage and Museum Complex in Mitcham is a heritage-listed pioneer's stone cottage in a garden setting surrounded by 2.25 hectares of bushland.
This popular attraction is open to the community on weekends.
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Schwerkolt External

Box Hill Community Arts Centre

The Box Hill Community Arts Centre is an artistic and cultural hub home to a wide variety of local arts and community groups. The centre offers art and craft classes, an exhibition space, art shop and community meeting space. For more information, visit

BHCAC External

Festivals and Events

Whitehorse City Council holds an outstanding range of community events and festivals, including Australia Day celebrations, Swing Pop Boom Music Series, Global Fiesta, Sustainable Living Week, Heritage Week, Spring Festival and Whitehorse Carols. For more information, visit

Carols 2014


Box Hill Town Hall

Box Hill Town Hall is a popular venue hire location for business meetings, corporate dinners and social functions. It is also a vibrant hub for community groups including Box Hill Historical Society Inc., the Migrant Information Centre and Whitehorse Boroondara Community Radio. History buffs can take a guided tour of the Box Hill Town Hall to discover more about the buildings origins. For more info, visit

Box Hill Town Hall in the evening

Library Services

For contact details and opening hours for library branches located in Blackburn, Box Hill, Nunawading and Vermont South, please visit

Nunawading Library