Annie McCubbin’s Return

Online Exhibition

Banner Image credit: Frederick McCubbin, Annie McCubbin c. 1908 (detail) 2020 © Whitehorse Art Collection 

An engaging portrait of Annie McCubbin, by her husband Frederick McCubbin returns to the walls of Artspace for display in 2021. This disarming painting reveals a woman in her prime – in her early 40s – at a time she would have lived with McCubbin and their family at ‘the ‘Studio’ in South Yarra. Annie is at ease, peering from beneath a fashionable hat, as she sits for another of her husband’s many portraits.

This work will be shown amongst an array of notable portraits from the Whitehorse Art Collection, together with portraits by community artists – of the famous and not so famous – by artists associated with the Box Hill Art Group or Whitehorse Arts Association.

You can now see these works in the online exhibition below.

Create your own masterly portrait!

All budding artists - Grab your pencils, crayons or paint and create your own masterly portrait on your very own Artspace portrait page ( PDF 34.09KB). Perhaps your sitter could be a family member or friend, wearing a fancy hat, to share.

Works from the Whitehorse Collection

Portrait of Annie McCubbin

Portrait of Annie McCubbin by Frederick McCubbin
This engaging portrait of Annie McCubbin, by husband Frederick McCubbin, reveals a woman in her prime peering from beneath a fashionable hat. The McCubbin family resided for a time in Wolseley Crescent, Blackburn, with their seven children. 
Whitehorse Art Collection


Portrait of A D Colquohoun

Self Portrait by A D Colquhoun 
Archibald Douglas (Archie) Colquhoun was a prominent artist and teacher who studied under Frederick McCubbin and went on to teach noteworthy students, such as (Sir) William Dargie -winner of eight Archibald Prizes. 
Whitehorse Art Collection


Portrait of George Musgrove

Portrait of George Musgrove by Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts was instrumental in advancing Impressionism in Australia at the Box Hill Artists’ Camp in the 1880s. His masterful drawing of George Musgrove reveals a self-confident theatrical entrepreneur – renowned for presenting such artists as Dame Nellie Melba.
Whitehorse Art Collection 


Portrait of Rick Amor

Portrait of Rick Amor by Ian Armstrong
Local Blackburn artist Ian Armstrong taught at the National Gallery Art School in the 1960s, where the much-admired contemporary artist Rick Amor studied. In 1999, Amor was appointed an official war artist to East Timor by the Australian War Memorial, the first such appointment since the Vietnam War. 
Whitehorse Art Collection  


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